Main Functions

·         Preparation, monitoring and assessing of policies, programs and projects related to the subjects of Wildlife, Botanical Gardens and Zoological Gardens.

·         Implementation of the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance no. 02 of 1937.

·         Implementation of the Botanical Gardens Ordinance no. 31 of 1928.

·         Implementation of the National Zoological Gardens Act no. 41 of 1982.

·         Conservation of the flora of Sri Lanka, maintenance of the Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka and development of the floriculture in Sri Lanka.

·         Collecting and exhibition of mammals, birds and reptiles in Sri Lanka.

·         Conservation of wildlife resources in Sri Lanka

·         Having necessary measures to conserve environment in promoting eco-tourism in wildlife reserve areas   

·         Handling and supervision of the activities related to the Wildlife Conservation Fund, Zoological Gardens conservation Fund, Botanical Gardens Trust Fund.