Secretary's Message

Secretary R. M. D. B. Meegasmulla

The new Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife was created by the Gazette Notification 1933/13, dated 21st September 2015. Department of Wildlife Conservation, Department of National Botanical Gardens, Department of National Zoological Gardens, Wildlife Trust and Propose Sustainable Development Council are the institutions function under this Ministry.

Today the entire world community has agreed that development activities should be carried out through conserving the environment in view of existence of all living beings including the mankind on this planet. The Sustainable Development 2030 Declaration, with the consensus of 193 nations was launched towards materializing that objective. This declaration comprised of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and 169 targets for which all the countries agreed upon to implement. 

It is a great opportunity to have the task of coordinating the implementation of activities related to the above Goals in Sri Lanka under this Ministry. The Sustainable Development Division which is tasked with handling the mission of Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Council to be establish in near future will usher the country a new development path.

More than 13% of the total land mass of the country comprised of Wildlife Reserves of different levels of conservation. The Department of Wildlife Conservation which functions underthings involves in a great task of protecting Wildlife Community and heritages of our nation. With the powers entrusted under and Flora Protection or declared in 1937. One of the prime objective of this Ministry is to protect elephant population of the country, which is pride of our nation, while confirming the existence of all the other wild animals as well. National Zoological Gardens, Department which functions aimed at exhibiting animal while conserving them make an excellent contribution for the tourism industry in the country. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Pinnawala New Zoological Garden, Dehiwala Zoological Garden and newly opened Hambanthota Safari Park function under this Ministry.  Hambantota Safari Park and Pinnawala New Zoological Garden which created in accordance with the open Zoological Garden Concept have become places with more visitor attraction.

Peradeniya Botanical Garden, Hambantota Dry Zone Botanical Garden, Wet Zone Botanical Garden in Avissawella are the institutions operational units of the Department of Botanical Gardens which involved in establishing Botanical Garden to give the opportunity of experience attractive greenery environment to the community. Department also make great contribution to uplift the economy of the country by creating self-employment opportunities for the community under the Suvahas Mal Development Program. In addition, Wildlife trust, which is another institution come under this Ministry engaged in implementing various programs including school education programs, educating on environment law and empowering community in conservation area etc. With the objective of bringing our natural heritage for our future generations. 

The new website of the Ministry which is dedicated to bring information related to this Ministry for the citizens has been launched now. I believe this web site will serve as a powerful and efficient mode to exchange information related to the ministry’s mission and functions and thereby bring its ultimate benefit to the citizens of this country.


R. M. D. B. Meegasmulla