Department of National Botanical Gardens



Department of National Botanical Gardens is the leading institution in the field of botany in Sri Lanka. It gives immense contribution the ex-situ conservation of plants, educating on plants, research and technical for promoting landscaping in Sri Lanka while it has become an attractive place among local and foreign visitors. Main botanical gardens of the country, Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens (1821), Hakgala Botanical Gardens (1861), Henarathgoda Botanical Gardens –Gampaha(1876), and Forest Medicinal Herbal Botanical Garden –Ganewatte as well as Mirijjawila Dry Zone Botanical Garden-Hambantota(2013), Wet zone Botanical Garden, Avissawella have already been open to the public. 


‘‘While maintaining botanical and aesthetic activities at higher level to become best botanical garden in tropical region.”


‘‘Studying plant resources in natural and created environments, sustainable conservation, reaching plant resources to the general public through valuing.”

Main Functions

  • Planning & implementation of ex – situ conservation strategies for the conservation of Sri Lankan plant diversity.
  • Carry out activities to disseminate authentic information & Animal expensive on plants & plant related industries of Sri Lanka using educational & communication Strategies.
  • Conduct diver’s research & implement technologies to development Forty-culture industry in Sri Lanka.
  • Management & development of National Botanic Gardens at high standards.
  • .Prepare development plants for the establishment of new botanic gardens in appropriate places.
  • Plan & implement research & technical programmes needed to popularize amenity Hori culture in Sri Lanka.
  • Provide technical advice to conserve Sri Lankan plants of historic importance.
  • Maintaining the health of the sacred bo – tree at Anuradhapura.

Institutions and units function under the Department National Botanical Gardens 

  • Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Hakgala Botanic Gardens, Hakgala
  • Henarathgoda  Botanic Gardens, Gampaha
  • Dry Zone  Botanic Gardens, Mirijjawila
  • Wet Zone Botanic Gardens, Avissawella
  • Medicinal Plant Garden, Ganewatta
  • Meegallawa HaithPiyasa Training Center
  • National Hebarium, Peradeniya
  • Floriculture research & Development Unit , Peradeniya
  • Education &Training Center, Peradeniya
  • President’s House Gardens, Colombo
  • President’s House Gardens, Kandy
  • President’s House Gardens, Nuwara - Eliya
  • President’s House Gardens, Anuradapura
  • Temple Trees Office Gardens, Colombo
  • Prime Minister’s Office Gardens, Colombo
  • Prime Minister’s Lodge Gardens, Nuwara - Eliya
  • Visumpaya, Prime Minister’s Lodge Gardens
  • President’s Palace Garden, Anuradhapura.
  • Suwahas Mal Sevana office
  • Haritha piyasa Training centre,
  • Department head office
  • Commonwealth, War Graves, Pitakanda, Kandy
  • Commonwealth, War Graves , Borella
  • Commonwealth, War Graves , Jawatta
  • Commonwealth, War Graves ,Nilaweli, Trincomalee