Sri Lanka Wildlife Trust




  • Conservation and development of environmental and economic values of natural heritages in Sri Lanka.
  • Dissemination of wildlife and environmental education activities.
  • Assisting wildlife conservation activities in Sri Lanka.
  • Take necessary action to effect community development activities in reservation areas.
  • Introduce wildlife/ environmental laws wherever necessary.
  • Organizing and maintenance of eco tourism facilities and communication activities.
  • Promotion of national and international understanding on natural and cultural values in Sri Lanka.


The Wildlife Trust is administrated by 10 member Board of Trustees consisting of the Director General, Department  of  Wildlife Conservation being  ex – officio Chairman,  the Secretary to the Ministry in charge of the subject of Wildlife, the Director General of  Forest Conservation, representative of the Ministry of Finance,    representative from the Ceylon Tourist Board,  representative from the Central Environmental Authority, two representatives from Non - Governmental Organizations and another two individuals from the private sector business circle.

Income Generation of the Wildlife Trust 

  • The Wildlife Trust has to generate income for all its activities. At present 04 main sources of income have been identified.
  • Investment of funds.
  • Hiring of facilities at Training Centre, Randenigala.
  • Eco - tourism activities.
  • Marketing (Communication items etc.)
  • Development of conservation services are closely related with the annual income increases.

Programmes and Services of Wildlife Trust

The Wildlife Trust spends about 50% of its annual income for maintaining various conservation services which are as follows;

  • Community Education Programmes

This includes mobile awareness programmes, workshops, observation tours, one - day   education sessions, 03 day residential courses and six - month certificate courses on   wildlife conservation.  In addition various awareness programmes are also organized by the Wild life Trust.

  • School Based Education Programmes and Environmental Activities

This is a prioritized programme of the Wildlife Trust. In this exercise priority will be given to schools located near wildlife zones with much valued bio - diversity.  These programmes are organized as short - time practical activities by mobilizing interested teachers and     pupils of schools located near those zones.

  • Development of Abilities of the Community Organizations

These activities include improvement of social adaptation aimed at promoting increased understanding among communities living in and around wildlife reservations.

  • Research Activities

Assisting in research activities at various level in the relevant fields specially the  graduate and post graduate level and assisting in projects of students in Advance Level.

  • Communication and News Related Project

This project includes Publication Bureau, Exhibition Unit and other related functions. At present the Wildlife Trust successfully maintains 07 information communication and sale points        .