State Timber Corporation

The State Timber Corporation is a state owned business organization which was established in 1968. It was incorporated by Hon. Minister of Lands, Irrigation and Power under the provisions of State Industrial Corporation Act No. 49 of 1957 and thereafter by the Gazette Notifications No. 178/10 of 5.2.1982 and Gazette No. 11907 of 26.6.2009. The initial capital of the Corporation was Rs. 2.5 million.


To be the nation’s leader in providing most trusted and best quality timber and timber based products.


To Produce timber and timber based products for our customers through the knowledge and skills gained over the time and to contribute to the national and environmental demands of Sri lanka.

The State Timber Corporation was established in April 1968, under the State Industrial Corporation's Act No 49 of 1957. The functions of the State Timber Corporation are given as follows:

     Extraction of Timber from State Forests, conversion of such timber into sawn timber and finished products, sale of logs, sawn timber and finished products and construction of forest roads required for the above purpose.

     Acquisition, construction and operation of logging units, sawmills, impregnation and preservation plants, seasoning and drying kilns and other necessary equipment and installations.

         Operation of timber and firewood sales depots.

         Manufacture and marketing of any by-products from timber.

         Import of Timber.

         Afforestation,reforestation and scientific management of forests and forest plantations.

         Agricultural production.

         Export of timber Related Finished and Semi_ Finished Products.

         Purchase of timber from private lands.

         Processing of forest related products.

         Import of Cane.

         Identification and Certification of local and Imported Timber Species through Sample Testing.

    Conduct Training Programmes on Timber Industry Related Subjects and Issue Certificate and Under Take Environmental Awareness Programmes To Contribute Towards Developing and Environmental Conscious Society.

      •        Planning and making investments so as to optimize the return from the lands and buildings owned by the corporation.