Accounts Division


The Accounts Division of the Ministry consists of two main divisions namely, Finance Division and Payment and Procurement Division. The Finance Division is responsible for preparation of Annual Budget and Appropriation Bill, fulfilling Imprest requirements and co - ordinate with the General Treasury. Procurement and payment division attends to all procurement activities, monitoring of such activities and all payment related of the Ministry and institutions coming under its purview and all payments activities of the Ministry. 


  • Maintaining daily, monthly and annual accounts properly adhering to Financial   Regulations, Laws and Circular Instructions for managing expenditure authorized by the Annual Appropriation Bill.
  • Management of Assets.
  • Preparation of annual expenditure and income estimates.
  • Making all capital and recurrent payments including salaries, loan advances and common deposits of the Ministry and management of expenditure.
  • Appointment of Procurement Committees for the Ministry, Departments and Institutions coming under the purview of the Ministry, attending to procurement activities and  their supervision.
  • Attending to the activities relating to Public Accounts Committee and Committee on Public Enterprises applicable to the  Ministry and institutions operating under its purview.
  • Preparation of monthly and annual accounts of the Ministry and supervision of annual accounts and reports. 
  • Payment of loans from public officers advance ‘B’ account and their recovery and maintain related accounts properly.