Development Division


This Division is responsible for implementing wildlife development activates in a regular and productive manner with sound co-ordination of maintenance activates of the ministry. 


  • Taking Policy decision in the implementation of functions of the Department of Wildlife Conservation.
  • Dealing with public petitions and complains  related to the conservation of  wildlife resources. 
  • Directing the public petitions pertaining to the subject of wildlife, received by the Presidential Secretariat to the responsible authorities for taking necessary action.
  • Taking action to resolve the problems pertaining to the lands, archeological reserves and the problems of the public residing in the reservations.
  • Making recommendations on land acquisitions of the Department of Wildlife Conservation and payment of compensations to the acquired lands. 
  • Co - ordination and monitoring of development activates carried out in National Parks such as construction of electric fence, construction of wild elephant holding grounds, enrichment of habitat. 
  • Submission of observations on Cabinet Memoranda of other Ministries on wildlife activities  and matters relating to the subjects of this Ministry. 
  • Taking policy decisions and their implementation relating to insurance schemes for People facing wild elephant threats. 
  • Activities pertaining to remarking the boundaries of Victoria, Randenigala and Rantambe sanctuaries.
  • Coordination activities on requests about tamed baby elephants and other wild animals.
  • Make policy decisions on compensation payment for the loss of lives and other damages due to wild elephants.
  • Research and making recommendations pertaining to the problems related to leaf monkeys and toque monkeys.
  • Activities related to elephant conservation.
  • Attending to water resources management activities in collaboration with relevant institutions. 
  • Implementation of the Disaster Management plan and the 2014 - 2018 -Programme through the Department of Wildlife Conservation under the supervision of the Ministry.
  • Preparation of estimates, recommendation and granting approval for payments in respect of all maintenance activities of the Ministry. 
  • Attending to minor repairs to the Ministry building by obtaining Imprest Advance.
  • Maintaining and servicing of Air conditioners, fax machines and computers owned by the Ministry.
  • Activities related to updating of website of  the Ministry.  
  • Establishment of Local Area Network within all divisions and providing internet facilities.