Legal Division


The Legal Division is responsible for helping the management of the Ministry by supervision of legal functions required to be performed by the Ministry relating to legal matters of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife and other institutions falling under its purview.

  • Giving directives for the formulation of necessary regulations, orders and amendments related to the Fauna & Flora Protection Ordinance Act No. 07 of 1937 (Chapter 469).
  • Formulating regulations pertaining to controlling illegal activities related to various flora and fauna .
  • Having measures to inquire in to the complaints received by the Ministry regarding the delayed legal activities of the Department of Wildlife Conservation and speed up resolving them.
  • Participating to the of advisory meetings with the Department of Legal Draftsman and presented the prepared required observations and having measures to finalize the investigation on complaints regarding the Departments come under the Ministry.
  • Supervise and coordinate all other cases related to legal directives and judiciary activities.
  • Assisting the Department to accurately identify the boundaries of National Reserves, National Parks, Protected areas, National Parks, Natural Reserves, Jungle corridors, Marine Reserves, marginal zones. 
  • Give advice in the legal actions against the ministry and the department by other parties as well as in legal actions by the department against the others.  
  • Inquiring the public petitions against the authorities who implement the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance is also another function of this division. Also give directives regarding the activities of the Act.