Planning Division


Development activities of the Ministry are planned by the Planning Division. Accordingly development activities are planned in keeping with the national needs and they are implemented island wide through Departments and Institutions under the Ministry. This Division is also involved in achieving development targets in accordance with the Annual Action plans.


·        Planning of Development Programmes of the Ministry.

·      Obtain monthly, quarterly and annual progress of development programmes of Departments and Institutions falling under the Ministry in keeping with the Action Plan and preparation of progress review reports, investigating the said information and holding of progress  review meetings.

·      Assisting to prepare capital expenditure estimates of the Department affiliated to the Ministry and supervision and monitoring of projects to be implemented by these institutions.

·     Provide necessary instructions in the preparation of development proposals of the Department affiliated to the Ministry and submission of the same to the Ministry of Finance for approval.

·         Reporting progress of projects, the value of which exceeds Rs.50 million.

·     Preparation of  the Performance Reports for submission to Parliament during Committee Stage debate on Annual Budget .

·         Preparation of annual performance reports.

·         Provide information required by the Presidential Secretariat,  Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Policy Planning Implementation, Central Bank of Sri Lanka.