Sustainable Development Division


The establishment of a Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife Conservation (MoSDW) provides a for an integrated option towards coordinating the sustainable development needs and criteria of the country. 

The central mission of the MoSDW is coordinating policies, strategies, programmes, mechanisms and tools to address development challenges towards ensuring environmental, social and economic sustainability through an integrated approach, inter-ministerial/agency mechanisms, and broad stakeholder engagement.  

Also, The MoSDWC will be the national focal agency coordinating and facilitating the commitments towards implementing the national commitments to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The MoSDW has established the Sustainable Development Division (SDD) and has commenced work on a National Sustainable Development Roadmap that will lead towards the formulation of Policy and institutional framework, strategy and action plan towards ensuring the sustainable development goals in Sri Lanka. 


Main Roles and Responsibilities

  • To function as the central agency to undertake sustainable development responses and interventions including the facilitation of the formulation of necessary sustainable development policies, strategies, programmes, mechanisms and tools.
  • To liaise with sectoral agencies at national and sub-national levels for identifying priorities and developing mechanisms to implement national policies on sustainable development.
  • To facilitate Sustainable Development related research and distribution of research results to trigger policy reforms and actions.
  • To facilitate and coordinate national and international commitments to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs including monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

The Work-Wheel

The work-wheel demonstrates the work track of the SDD. 


Strategic Plan (2016-2017)

The main work tracks as envisaged by the SDD are as follows:

  • Capacity Building, Means of Implementation and Partnerships for Sustainable Development towards facilitating and coordinating the national sustainable development programme including consolidation of the SD Division of MoSDW, expert working groups, building national capacity for implementing SDGs and strengthening the national transformation process. 
  • National Sustainable Development Platform as a common forum for stakeholder awareness, knowledge building and engagement in coherent and collective sustainable development visioning, pathways building, planning, innovation and movement. 
  • National Sustainable Development Roadmap leading to the national SD strategy and action plan, and to evolve a policy-regulatory-institutional framework that enables the transformation. 
  • National SDG Facilitation Mechanism for inter-agency coordination, building sectoral/thematic expertise towards achieving the SDGs, and monitoring, evaluation & reporting.  
  • National Sustainable Development Data and Information Portal as a central location for all national SD information with local, national as well as relevant regional and international links to enhance the data-revolution at country level and support viable statistical analysis system to assist national planning. 
  • Sustainable Development Response Mechanism towards the identification of national sustainable development intervention requirements and provide responsible ministries, agencies and organizations guidelines and recommendations on managing development initiatives or projects and where appropriate collaborate and/or cooperate in implementation of the recommendations. 
  • Sustainable Development Standards Framework through and expert verification process to provide project planning and approving agencies monitoring and evaluation guidelines, tools and standards 
  • National Sustainable Development Policy-Regulatory-Institutional Framework, Strategy & Action Plan will be evolved through the guidance of the National SD Roadmap and in coherence with the mandate of the proposed act to provide for the establishment of a sustainable development council for the development and implementation of a sustainable development strategy in Sri Lanka.  
  • Sustainable Development Demonstrations to validate SD as a realistic development pathway mainly at local, community and district levels engaging all relevant stakeholders and public sector institutions in partnership. 


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