Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the institution to obtain permission by a researcher who is conducting a research on wildlife within a wildlife conservation zone? 

Director General, Department of Wildlife Conservation – 011-2888585 

2. What is the institution to be contacted if an animal that should be found in Wildlife Conservation zone has been caught in a populated area? 

Director (Operations) Department of Wildlife Conservation – 011-2888582

3. How the information with regard to reservation of holiday bungalows at National Parks, Botanical Gardens and Zoological Gardens?

 Department of Botanical Gardens 

• Reservation of Circuit Bungalows

Management Assistant (head Office – Botanical Gardens) – 081-2388238

• Information on entrance fees

Deputy Director (Royal Botanical Gardens) – 081-2388085

 Department of Zoological Gardens

 • Reservation of Circuit Bungalows – No Circuit Bungalows

 • Information on entrance fees

Chief Accountant – 011-27138 

Department of Wildlife Conservation

• Information on reservation of holiday Bungalows and entrance fees

Deputy Director (Planning and IT) – 011-2871532

In addition on time reservation can be done through the wildlife conservation Department web site

4. Whether any compensation is given for a person who receives injury or face death due to attack by an animal while he/she is entertaining an animal done at a Zoological Garden?


• Whom should contact?

   Assistant Director (Admin) – 011-2710195 

5. Whom should I contact for information on the plants of the Botanical Gardens?

Development Officer (National Herbarium) – 081-3832416

6. What are the legal regulations, policies and ordinance relevant to the Conservation of Wildlife Resources Conservation?

• Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance – 01st March 1938

• Fauna and Flora Protection ordinance No 22 of 2009 (Amended Act) – 20th April 2009

 7. How the advice can be received on construction of live fence to prevent damages by wild elephants?

Deputy Director (Elephant Conservation) – 011-2871528

8. What are the measures taken by your Department to prevent crop damages by wild animals especially Toque monkeys (Rilawa) and Btach monkeys (Wandura)?

Contact Director (Health) – 011-2872535

9. What is the institution which gives training on Horticultural techniques? And how can get registered?

• Education Centre, Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

• Principal (Education Centre) – 081 – 2385893

10. How can I join for the Suvahas Mal Program?

Contact Deputy Director (Floricultural Development) – 081 - 3832402