More Attention on air pollution emphasized.

Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development and Wildlife, Mrs. Sumedha G. Jayasena emphasized that we have to direct our attention more on air pollution. Recently, players of our cricket team as well as Indian players had to face health risk due to smoke prevailed in New Delhi surroundings.

“When playing breathing of pure air is very important. If plays have to play wearing masks it is a so pathetic situation”. Minister further added that if air pollution continues in very short period we would have to face same circumstances too. Therefore, all of us should determined to create an era of Sustainable Development.

Deputy Minister Mrs. Jayasena made these comments while attending as chief guest to the Monaragala District workshop on Sustainable Development as the chief guest.

Advisor to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife, Mr. Uchitha de Zoysa, Additional Secretary (Sustainable Development) Mr. M.M.S.S.B. Yalegama, Director (Sustainable Development) Mr. Pradeep Saputhanthri, District Secretary Mr. D.S. Padmakulasooriya, DIG Uva province, Principles of National Schools in Monaragala, District heads of the government institutions were attended this District Programme.