Calling particulars for the Evaluation Conducted in Parallel with the Seva Prasadini Abises Program

In Parellel with the Seva Prasadini Abises ( paying Tribute for the service) programe which has been organized with the objective of motivating the staff of the institutions coming under the Ministry of Sustainable Development i.e Wildlife Department of Wildlife Conservation, Department of National Zoological Gardens and Department of National Botanical Gardens as well as tofelicitate the service rendered with creativity, dedication and honestly to fulfill the national commitement and to enhance the performance and efficiency of those institutions, the Ministry decides appreciate the contribution made by the following parties in respect of quantitative and qualitative improvement of the functions of the said institutions.

The Ministry kindly request to send relevent details on the socially,economicaly and sustainably acknowledgable distinctive services rendered by a particular individul or an organization with dedication and spending their labour, time and money.

Parties or organizations subtected to


Particulars to be presented in considering for acknowledgement  

Procedure to be followed   in presenting details


Details on the different contributions made as a citizen to improve the status of wild fauna, flora and zoological gardens qualitativey and quantitatively.

can be sent through provincial heads of the Departments or directly to the Ministry.



02.Non – government


Details on qualitative and quqntitative voluntary contribution contribution made by a registered non-government organization in respect of the functions of the above 03 Departments.


 Send directly to the Ministry.

03.Media institutions and Media personnel

Details on the contributions rendered by media institutions or media personals towards achieving of the mision of the above 03 Departments by correcting, guiding and improving the quality of the said institutions.


 Send directly to the Ministry.


04.Grama Niladhari and other officers

Details on the dedication and honest contribution made during carrying out  duties entrusted with them by either regulational or by law or tasks exterior to them.

Through Divisional heads / the Divisional Secratary or directly to the heads of Wildlife/Zoological/Botanical Departments.



05.Private sector organizations

Particulars on the hosting contribution by voluntarily engaging resources of their own either in the activities of the above departments or realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Directly to the Ministry.


06.Wanadivi Mithuru Committees




Details on the contribution torwards wildlife conservation and protection. activities done by the Development of wildlife conservation and minimizing human elephant conflicts.

To the Director General of the Department of Wildlife Conservation through the divisional heads of the Departments.



As professional, National level contribution in enhancing the affairs of either Botanical, Zoological gardens or Sustainable Development activies.


Directly to the Ministry.


08.School children

As school children, participation for the activities of their schools or above departments, contribution made by presenting creative ideas through poems, essays, drawings, etc.



In case those creative works have already been received by the departments heads or departments, those particulas should be sent to the Ministry..

09.Univrsity students and Researchers

As a university student or a researcher, if productive research has been conducted towards the activities of either above departments or Sustainable development activities and those works have been subject let to the recogonition of eminents.


Directly to    the    Ministry.



Certain individuals or organization who will not come under the  said categories although an exceptional contribution has been done towards realization of the objectives of the Department.


Directly to the Ministry.


Guidelines :-


  1. Your particulars inclided with acceptable sources should be produced before 31st January 2017.
  2. Recommondations will be given by the independed evalution committee comprised of senior officers of the Ministry and final decisions will be taken by the secretary of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and wildlife.
  3. Your particulars can be directed to the following addresses and for additional information contact the following telephone numbers.

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife

9th Floor (Stage I)



T.P -: 0112887421

Department of Wildlife Conservation

No. 811/A



T.P -: 0112888585


Department of National Botanical Gardens

P.O Box 14


T.P -: 0812388654      

Department of National Zoological Gardens

Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha


T.P -: 0112712752 / 01122729790