Sri Lanka Voluntary National Review

Request for Inputs


Sri Lanka, in the year 2015, along with other nations committed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or the 2030 Agenda, and is in the process of implementing them under the state leadership.

The global mechanism of follow up of SDG implementation throughout the world happens at the annual High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) taking place at the UN Headquarters, New York. At the HLPF, the national governments present their national reviews voluntarily and Sri Lanka has pledged to present its voluntary national review (VNR) at the HLPF in 2018.

VNR Process in Sri Lanka

  • As approved by the Consultative Committee on Sustainable Development, the advisory body of the ministry on sustainable development consisting of public officers, academia and advisors who also represent CSOs, the Sri Lankan VNR process is spearheaded by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife (MSDW) and undertaken through a Task Force comprising of representatives from
  • Prime Minister’s Office;
  • Ministries of National Policies and Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Environment and Mahaweli Development and Sustainable Development and Wildlife; and
  • Departments of National Planning, Census and Statistics, and Project Monitoring and Management.

UN attended as an observer in the Task Force and other parties were co-opted when necessary. It was also supported by an institutional Consultant, the Institute of Policy Studies. MSDW receives the technical and financial assistance from UN for this review.

Views of stakeholders were invited on the current status and way forward with respect to SDGs specifically on;

  • Policies and laws
  • Present position and desired future position
  • Projects and programmes (existing and proposed)
  • Gaps in policies and programmes
  • Degree of application of leaving no one behind principle
  • Degree of application of resilience (social, economic,


They were also invited to inform the best practices, experience based stories etc. on the SDGs.

VNR Report