State Timber Corporation


State Timber Corporation is a state owned enterprise. It was established in the year of 1968   by the Hon. Minister of Land, Irrigation and Power  as per the provisions of the Industrial Corporations Act No.49 of 1957 while it was amended and updated by the Extra Ordinary Gazette Notification No. 178/10 dated 05th February 1982 and further by Extra Ordinary Gazette Notification 26th June 2009.



To become nation’s trust earned best timber and furniture supplier and to keep the leadership in timber market.



Using technical knowhow, recognition and expertise, to produce and provide the timber and wooden furniture request of the customers in eco-friendly manner as per the national requirement. 



   · Cut and removal of timber from forests, and convert such timber to sawn timber and finished products, production and sales of timber logs, sawn timber and finished products and construction of jungle roads to facilitate the said tasks.

  · Purchasing, construction and operating of the log cutting centres, sawing mills, Oil immersion and preservation plants, drying kilns and necessary equipment.

    · Maintenance of timber sales centres.

    · Production and sales of timber by products.

    · Importation of timber.     

·    Initiating of new forest plantation projects, forest re-plantations, scientific management of forests and forest plantations.

 ·Agricultural products.

· Production and exportation of finished and half finished timber associate products.

·Purchasing timber from private lands.

·Processing of forest associate products.

· Importation of cane.

·Identification of local and imported timber through sample testing and issuing certificates related to timber.

·Conducting training programs , awarding certificates and organizing awareness programs on   disciplines related to wood industry.

 ·Planning for get maximum usage of land and building owned by the Corporation and doing investment for that.