A Proposal to cultivate 500 hectares of mangroves

A preliminary discussion with regard to the proposal made to Hon. C.B Rathnayake, Minister of Wildlife and Forest Conservation to launch a mangrove cultivation project in selected areas for the protection of marine and fresh water life, local and foreign birds, river and lagoon life conservation as well as ecological conservationwas held at the Ministry recently.

It is proposed to plant 100,000 mangroves in an area of ​​500 hectares under this project and the project is being carried out by an NGO and in implementation of the project is expected to involve in identification of sensitive areas and coordination of the project members as well as the people involved while all costs will be borne by the NGO, Thushan Kapurusinghe, the proposed project director said.

The Minister instructed the relevant officials to study the relevant project and implement it if it is appropriate. Secretary to the Ministry, Bandula Harischandra, Director General of Wildlife Mr. M.  Sooriyabandara and Additional Forest Conservator Mr. M. A. Bandara also participated in this meeting.