Implementing development proposals adopting low-cost methods to make the vision of prosperity a reality

Hon. C.B Ratnayake, Minister of Wildlife and Forest Conservation, has given instructions to implement development proposals using low-cost methods to make the vision of prosperity a reality.

Accordingly, Mr. Gamini Wickramaratne, a construction expert, has submitted a project proposal to the Minister regarding the possibility of constructing a road system that can be used for a long term by chemically compressing the soil using only the existing soil without using gravel or asphalt.

Minister Mr.C.B. Ratnayake gave the instructions, to examine whether the relevant road system can be used in accordance with the relevant road construction recommendations.

Secretary to the Ministry Mr. BandulaHarischandra, Director General of Wildlife Mr. M.C. Sooriyabandara, Additional Forest Conservator Mr. K. M Bandara, Adviser to the Minister Mr. M.S. Karunaratne was present at the occasion.