Minister orders to provide elephants for cultural pageants

A program of training 05 elephants and a tusker living at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage was held recently at the Pinnawala Zoological Gardens under the patronage of Minister of Sustainable Development and Wildlife, Hon Gamini Jayawickrama Perera. Those elephants have been selected after a few days of study conducted by experts.

In parallel to this event, an elephant named “Senerath” attached to the Dedimunda Devalaya, Aluthnuwara was exchanged with an elephant from the Orphanage. Accordingly, all these seven elephants will be trained to partake perahara events. The Minister addressing the gathering told that this program would be a meaningful solution for the allegations leveled from various sections on the scarcity of trained elephants for cultural pageants which are conducted throughout the country. Minister Kabir Hashim and State Minister Champika Premadasa were also participated for this event. This program aimed at providing elephants for the cultural pageants to be taken place at the end of July.