Ministry is ready for CITES 2019 meeting

Sustainable Development and Wildlife Minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera Says his Ministry is ready for the CITES Summit to be held in Sri Lanka in 2019.

He made these comments at the opening ceremony of the CITES office at the Ministry Premises.

Approximately 5000 experts from 187 member countries will attend to this Summit. The main object of this forum which is held in every three years is protecting endangered plants and animals, while having measures against illegal trading such Species and using them for drugs etc. Prevention of killing of Wild animals for trade purposes such as Rhino horns, tiger hide, ivory is also one of the main of objective of this Summit.

This Summit which held in every three years, conducted its last meeting in Johansburg in 2016. Minister Perera further added that holding of CITES Summit in Sri Lanka in 2019 is an achievement of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife and it signifies the country’s progress in the field of conservation.

He further said that remarkable measures the Ministry has taken within the short period of two years including destroying of blood ivory pave the way to receive Sri Lanka a world recognition in the field of wildlife conservation.