New 15 flower varieties for plant breeders.

Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development and Wildlife Mrs. Sumedha G. Jayasena says, within the year 2018 15 new hybrid flower plant varieties would be introduced for the plant breeders of the country. According to Mrs. Jayasena those plant varieties have already been successfully experimented at Peradeniya National Botanical Gardens.

10 anthurium breeds, 3 orchids and 2 Chinese types are among those new hybrid plants. She further added that those plants can be bought at sales outlets of the botanical gardens in short time. Those issues were revealed at the visit made by Mrs. Sumedha G. Jayasena to the Peradeniya National Botanical Gardens recently.

Internal Constructions of the plant conservatory are being conducted and it will be declared open for the public soon. Several renovations of various sections an being conducted of present including internal road network, buildings, waste management etc. Deputy Minister instructed to maintain other botanical gardens as well.

Director General of the National Botanical Gardens Mr. Yapa Nanayakkara, Director (Research) Mrs. Shelomi Krishnaraja, Deputy Director Dr. Achala Attanayaka also accompanied this visit.